“I guarantee that your first phone call with her will be a complete eye-opener that leaves you wondering where she has always been!”

  • The quote above is from one of my Clarity Call clients – and that’s something I hear a lot besides the word “A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!”.


    What if you could have me solve your single most pressing Sugar Baby issues/problem… in a matter of minutes?!


    I know how it feels to have a burning problem when it comes to Sugar Daddy’s and dating.


    • You joined a Sugar Daddy dating site but your results are little to be desired and you need help with your profile.
    • Or you are thinking about going to a Sugar Party and are not sure how to stand out amongst all the other Sugar Baby’s… In fact, you’re wondering if that’s even going to work out at all.
    • Or you have an important date planned but you’re unsure about creating a long-lasting impression that converts dates to longer-term relationships. The date is around the corner and it’s freaking you out.
    • Or maybe you’ve been dating a Sugar Daddy for a while; you like him and things are going well. But you have no clue how to take it to its next level so that you can get more of what you want.
    • Or you find great men on dating websites and at Sugar parties but you’re clueless about approaching them or getting them to approach you.
    • Or you might be in a dating situation where you are unsure of what’s going on or whether it’s going anywhere.
    • Or there’s something on your mind that needs urgent attention and you need strategic advice to know your next steps.
    • Or you might be negotiating your allowance, and not sure how to approach it, and want specific insights to ask for what you want without sounding like a gold-digger or coming across as needy and desperate.
    • Or you might be emotionally hurt and wounded over something that your Sugar Daddy said or did and are unsure about how to make the relationship mutually benefiting or whether to end it.

    Whatever’s going on – here’s the bottom line: I can help you turn things around.


    Not tomorrow. Not next week. But RIGHT NOW – Just by talking on the phone!

  • I took her advice and it WORKED like a charm

    All I can say is Taylor is my SUGAR GODDESSSS!!!! I had an issue with my sugar daddy about an allowance issue. I took her advice and it WORKED like a charm. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! So glad she is here. She even provided follow up notes afterwards so that I didn't forget what to say. You won't be disappointed! Nicole

  • When you try out my Clarity Call...


    Whether it’s for 15 minutes or 30 minutes or longer (it’s all up to you) it will be more than enough time for you to solve your Sugar Baby Issues and make breakthroughs that take “other” Sugar Baby’s years to get handled.


    Why spend one more second stressing out and second guessing?


    If you do not invest in your growth and to learn tactics that really work, you’ll be lost into obscurity. The price that you’ll pay because of this is at an emotional level- you’ll feel broken and lost. Having raised over $100,000 from my own Sugar Daddy, coached hundreds of Sugar babies to re-create my results or in most cases, do better than me, I am in a great position to mentor you.


    My clarity call will help you break-free from the vicious cycle of stress, frustration and getting close to giving up every day. This is the call that’ll give you the clarity you need, deserve and cannot move even one more step without.


    Yes, even seemingly “BIG” issues can be totally resolved in just a matter of minutes!

  • I guarantee that your first phone call with her will be a complete eye opener

    "Taylor is literally amazing. She will take the time out to honestly asses you as a person and what it is that you may be looking for in relation to helping you achieve it. She is very professional and punctual. I guarantee that your first phone call with her will be a complete eye opener that leaves you wondering where she has always been!" Roxy

  • Many times, what seem like “big issues” can be TOTALLY SOLVED by making simple adjustments…


    All you need is the right person to identify the issue and put you on the right path to fix it! That right person is me.


    Nothing surprises me – and there’s absolutely no question or problem that I don’t have a quick, crisp, easy-to-implement solution!


    Best of all: Whatever I tell you will always be perfectly tailored to your unique situation, and Sugar Goals. You’ll NEVER hear me tell you to do something that doesn’t sit right with you, or doesn’t align with your goals.


    Wondering if one call even has the potential to change your life? After all it’s just 15-30 minutes....


    I get it. You’re used to being told that it takes time and that you have to be patient. But being patient with a wrong strategy or approach is a bane. You read books after books patiently but none of them actually get you the results that you want. They lack the action and intent.


    My objective is to point you in the right direction, single out your mistakes and missteps so that you can spend the rest of your time working with the right strategy.


    And get results quickly without having to go through the constant cycle of trials and errors. I’ve done that for you, so that’s out of the way.


    Never again feel clueless about your next move, or doubt yourself, hop on for a call with me and get the clarity now.

  • Here’s how it works:

    Just implementing one strategy, approach, or tactic will more than recoup any investment you make with me.

    This is a one-time call.


    We cover what you want and you control the time.



    Pick my brain and pay by the minute.

    Yes, no strings attached.





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  • What other Sugars are saying

    Taylor’s approach is very clear and cuts through the emotional confusion

    "I like Taylor’s approach, it’s very clear and cuts through the emotional confusion. On the other end I found her very warm. Thanks Taylor for passing down your experience in a path that could be misleading." Grace

    Went above and beyond

    "No question, Taylor is superb! She gave me great feedback on my profile and suggestions on how I was coming across with communicating with potential sugar daddy’s. I appreciated that she was respectful of the time and kept the conversation focused. She went above and beyond. She followed up with me after the call with examples to use on my profile too." Jasmine

    Made me think about my ideal sugar daddy that I haven't considered before

    "The call with Taylor was wonderful. The open ended questions that she asked me in regards to my profile really made me think about my ideal sugar daddy that I haven't considered before. This gave me a sense of how to verbally communicate what I want in an arrangement." Brande

    This is an investment well made

    "Taylor is AMAZING. I'm not exaggerating in the least. I am looking forward to working with her further. This is an investment well made." Essence

    Gave clear and understandable steps and left me wanting more

    Taylor, gave me insight on how I was going about asking for what I wanted. She gave some clear and understandable steps and left me wanting more. So much that I signed up for a coaching session! Jenny T.

    Very helpful, informative, as well as kind

    "Taylor provides very clear and straightforward info as well as offering new perspectives on how to approach this lifestyle and world. Very helpful, informative, as well as kind." Diva